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David Evans Letter

I must object strenuously to a statement in Mark Humphrey’s review of Gayle Dean Wardlow, Stephen Calt, and Edward Komara’s King of the Delta Blues: The Life and Music of Charlie Patton (Knoxville,

Race Relations at the Mother Station

By Michael Streissguth

The violent backlash that program director Chris Spindel feared in 1948 when WDIA shifted to Black-oriented programming never materialized. Although, according to production manager Don Kern,

Living Blues #250 EXTRAS

Clarksdale DR&DN 1937-9-27Investigating the Death of Bessie Smith

by Jim O’Neal
This document contains the full text of Dr. Hugh Smith’s reply to reporter B.J. Skelton as well as some of Skelton’s own observations and an account from Smith’s drummer Dave Oxley.

Living Blues #248 EXTRAS

Chasing the Paramount Paper Trail

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Complete examples of the F.W. Boerner flyers from 1933. The flyers advertise
releases on several labels,