Living Blues is the world’s oldest and most respected blues magazine featuring more color pages and larger distribution than any other blues magazine. Founded in 1970, Living Blues celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020. Known for its in-depth interviews, spectacular photography, ground breaking historical articles and photographs, and knowledgeable reviews, Living Blues is the gold standard in blues journalism.

Six times a year, Living Blues brings together the best writers and photographers in the blues world. Living Blues also publishes the industry’s only national radio chart, the annual Living Blues Festival Guide, as well as the annual Living Blues awards. The Living Blues digital edition is now available for all pads and mobile devices.

Advertising in Living Blues is affordable and effective and puts your product or event in front of the heart of the blues world. From business leaders to casual fans, if you are into the blues you are reading Living Blues.

Living Blues 2024 Rates:


Living Blues offers web site banner ads and e-blast/social media advertising opportunities. We can blast your ad out to over 21,000 blues fan e-mail addresses, plus post your ad on our Facebook page (93,000 likes) and Twitter account (18,000) for $300. Facebook posts can also be boosted.


We MUST HAVE subject line text, e-blast content, and all links before we can begin processing your e-blast.

If you are creating a stand alone graphic for your e-blast, the width should be no larger than 1200 pixels. If you are supplying images and text content, we can create an e-blast that is size appropriate.

You may include video links if they are hosted on either Youtube or Vimeo.

If you are supplying HTML code, please note that any subsequent corrections after proof require that the corrected code be re-submittted. For this type of e-blast we require one or two separate graphic submissions to go along with the Facebook and Twitter components of the campaign.

ONLINE BANNER ADS – $150 per month

We currently offer one web site ad size.

  • Size: 170 pixels x 120 pixels; file submitted should be either a .jpg or .gif
  • Price: $100 per month in conjunction with a print ad. $150 per month without a print ad.
  • Note: The web ad may run longer or at different times from the print ad.



Mechanical Requirements: All ads must be submitted in digital form. We can accept the following formats:

  • InDesign: must include all linked graphics and fonts.
  • Photoshop: tiff, eps, or jpeg. Layers must be flattened.
  • Illustrator: must include all linked graphics, fonts must be converted to outlines, and transparencies should be flattened. Images must be CMYK
  • PDF: file should be distilled to highest quality standards available; fonts must be embedded and images must be CMYK.

Please note: we cannot accept ads built in Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word.

Resolution: Our minimum resolution requirement is 300 pixels per inch.

Specifications: Living Blues is a 4-color glossy magazine. Ads are based on a trim size of 8.125” x 10.875”.

Color: Living Blues offers black and white or four-color (CMYK) ads. We cannot accept ads that include SPOT or PMS colors. Please make sure to convert all colors to their CMYK equivalent. Living Blues cannot be held responsible for ads that do not meet our mechanical specifications. Ad content is checked for potential problems and PDF files are pre-flighted. If we discover a problem with your ad, you will be notified and given the opportunity to make corrections before the ad goes to press. We reserve the right to reject any advertising.

Ad Delivery: Ads may be submitted via Dropbox or by email. Please use Dropbox for large ad files. Discuss with your ad representative which option would be best for you. Ad copy and camera-ready material is due in our offices by the dates specified in this rate card. We cannot be held responsible for advertising materials that arrive after the deadline.

Dropbox Information: Please contact for instructions

Position: Requested positioning of advertising, exclusive of inside and back covers, will be followed as closely as possible.

Terms and Conditions: Advertisers and agencies assume all liability for contents of published advertising, including text and/or illustrations.  Advertisers and agencies assume all responsibility for any claim arising therefrom against the publication.

Agency Discount: Fifteen percent agency discount to recognized advertising agencies.

Payment: Advertisers will be billed upon publication. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.


Sizes: Ads must conform to sizes specified. Ads that do not meet these specifications will either be returned to advertiser or resized to fit, if possible.

BLEED: Ads that are intended to bleed require special attention. For bleed areas please add 1/4” (.25″) bleed to the trim size on all sides.


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