Living Blues #242 March/April 2016


Preston Shannon

The King of Beale Street

By David Whiteis
Memphis bluesman Preston Shannon has performed on the famed Beale Street for decades. A string of recordings and national tours brought him a wider audience, but he still holds court most weeks on Beale.

Harmonica Hinds

If Speed Was Just a Thought

By Justin O’Brien
Chicago harp player Harmonica Hinds took the unlikely path from Trinidad to Canada to Chicago, but with the help of James Cotton and an apartment around the block from Theresa’s, he gained recognition on the Chicago scene. The complex, often esoteric bluesman tells us his story.

Sheba Potts-Wright

The Millennium Diva of the Blues

By Scott M. Bock
Daughter of Memphis bluesman Dr. Feelgood Potts, Sheba Potts-Wright has made her own mark on the southern soul scene. Mentored by Quinn Golden and Denise LaSalle, Potts-Wright has developed a distinctive style and a first-class live show.

Clarence Turner

Don’t Hold Back Anymore

By Michael Streissguth
Washington D.C.–based bluesman Clarence Turner survived the mean streets of his hometown to become a powerful guitar player and songwriter.

A Young Man and the Blues:

The Photos of Cary Baker

When the father of teenager Cary Baker gave his son a hand-me-down camera, the young man took to shooting images of what fascinated him—the local music scene. With camera in tow, Baker recorded his surroundings as he explored the blues of Chicago in the early 1970s.

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