Living Blues Radio Report January 2020

  1. Tinsley Ellis,  Ice Cream in Hell, Alligator
  2. Frank Bey,  All My Dues Are Paid, NOLA Blue
  3. Dave Specter,  Blues…from the Inside Out, Delmark
  4. Betty Fox Band,  Peace in Pieces, Foxy Cavanagh
  5. Mark Hummel,  Wayback Machine, Electro-Fi
  6. Thorbjorn Risager & Black Tornado,  Come On In, Ruf
  7. Mike Zito & Friends,  Rock ‘n’ Roll: A Tribute to Chuck Berry, Ruf
  8. 11 Guys Quartet,  Small Blues and Grooves, VizzTone
  9. Jimmy Johnson,  Every Day of Your Life, Delmark
  10. Sugar Blue,  Colors, Beeble Music
  11. Johnny Burgin,  Live, Delmark
  12. The Jimmys,  Gotta Have It, Brown Cow
  13. Lucky Peterson,  50 – Just Warming Up, Jazz Village
  14. Chris Shutters,  Good Gone Bad, Third Street Cigar
  15. Toronzo Cannon and the Chicago Way,  The Preacher, the Politician or the Pimp, Alligator
  16. Joanna Connor,  Rise, M.C.
  17. Various Artists,  Don’t Pass Me By: Tribute to Sean Costello, Landslide
  18. Popa Chubby,  It’s a Mighty Hard Road, PCP
  19. Phantom Blues Band,  Still Cookin’, VizzTone
  20. Rae Gordon Band,  Wrong Kind of Love, RGB
  21. Tomislav Goluban,  Memphis Light, Spona
  22. Diane Blue,  Look for the Light, Regina Royale
  23. Matty T. Wall,  Transpacific Blues Vol.1, Hipster/Dumpster
  24. Junior Watson,  Nothin’ to It But to Do It, Little Village
  25. Breezy Rodio,  If It Ain’t Broken Don’t Fix It, Delmark